Muvi VPaaS (Video Platform as a Service)

Build a video platform and deliver a rich video experience

API and SDKs for Video Platform

Muvi VPaaS offers open API and SDKs to manage content through video platforms. Developers and agencies can build their own video streaming engine and custom streaming apps by leveraging Muvi API. Build and customize your video streaming platform as you wish with themes, features, plugins, and content.

Encode and Transcode Videos

As a video platform, you will need to cater to a different set of audiences without compromising on quality. In order to deliver videos in quality for each type of audience, all your videos should be encoded and transcoded into multiple formats. Muvi takes care of encoding and transcoding videos on your video platform and helps you deliver the best streaming experience.

Video CDN

Deliver smooth video playback with buffer-free streaming by making use of Muvi VPaaS built-in CDN. No matter where your audience streams content from your video platform, our built-in CDN delivers content from the nearest server based on the location.

Measure Video Performance

Muvi VPaaS (Video Platform as a Service) helps you measure the performance of your videos and identify insights such as users’ attention span, drop-off rates, devices used, buffering time, and viewing habits of users. You will also be able to generate standard reports such as revenue reports and content performance and custom reports.

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Secure Your Content

With Muvi VPaaS in place for your video platform, stay assured that your content is secure and protected. Our Video Platform as a service offers a number of security features such as multi-level firewall, SSL encryption, etc. The multi-DRM, equipped with geoblocking, VPN detection, screen recording protection, protects your videos from piracy and illegal usage.

Monetize Video Platform

Monetize your videos and generate revenue from your video platform. Muvi VPaaS enables you to monetize your video platform through multiple methods such as subscription, pay per view, and ads. No revenue needs to be shared with Muvi and you can keep 100% of your revenue.

Supports All Platforms

You can cater to the ecosystem of devices, platforms, browsers, and codecs with Muvi VPaaS. Muvi offers support for video playbacks on multiple platforms and devices such as smartphones, smart TVs, and laptops, helping your content to reach a wider audience.

Marketplace for Video Platform

Muvi VPaaS offers a dedicated marketplace with multiple partners and applications in different categories. You have the complete flexibility to choose your preferred platform and get it integrated with your video platform.

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