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React Native SDK

Unlock the full potential of your iOS and Android applications with Muvi Player SDK for React Native. Our powerful SDK allows you to seamlessly integrate advanced video player functionalities, ensuring a smooth and engaging streaming experience for your users. Whether it's iOS or Android, Muvi Player SDK for React Native provides a unified solution, eliminating compatibility challenges and streamlining the integration process. Elevate your app's video capabilities with our feature-rich SDK.



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Cross-Platform Excellence

Muvi Player SDK for React Native offers a single unified solution that allows your content to  effortlessly reach both iOS and Android users. By harnessing the power of React Native, Muvi Player SDK simplifies the complexities of cross-platform development, saving you time and resources. Elevate your app's capabilities with seamless compatibility across diverse devices and operating systems, setting the stage for an unparalleled streaming experience.

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Remarkable Video Experience

Leveraging top-notch transcoding techniques, including per-title-encoding and adaptive bitrate streaming, React Native SDK by Muvi Player brings an exceptional video streaming experience to your audience, ensuring seamless playback across various devices, platforms, and even under challenging network conditions

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Video Analytics

With Muvi Player, you gain the capability to comprehensively monitor, assess, and enhance the end-user experience across all facets of video consumption. By leveraging this invaluable data with the help of analytics, you can implement targeted optimizations, refine content strategies, and ultimately elevate the overall quality of your video delivery. Muvi Player empowers you to make data-driven decisions that lead to a more engaging and satisfying viewer experience.

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Interactive CMS

Optimize your workflow using Muvi Player SDK's Video CMS. Streamline the process of uploading, organizing, categorizing, and publishing your videos through an easy-to-navigate dashboard. Whether you're managing a vast library of content or handling frequent updates, Muvi Player SDK's Video CMS ensures a smooth and streamlined experience.

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Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

With React Native SDK by Muvi Player, ensure smooth delivery of videos at optimal quality and resolution tailored to each end-user with Adaptive Bitrate Streaming. By dynamically adjusting based on factors like device capabilities and internet speed, it maximizes video quality in real-time for an enhanced viewing experience while reducing instances of video buffering and rebuffering, particularly in situations with less stable internet connections.

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Content Protection

React Native SDK by Muvi Player ensures top-tier content security. With support for leading DRM solutions like Widevine, Fairplay, and PlayReady, alongside Clearkey (CENC), Static AES-128, and CBCS encryption, your content remains safeguarded from unauthorized access. Trust Muvi Player SDK for robust content protection.

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Thanks to Muvi, we achieved our goals with ease. Their platform provided clear user feedback and usage data, helping us gain 15,000 web registrations, 10,000 Android users, and 5,000 iOS users. The robust analytics in Muvi’s content management system empowered us to make informed decisions, driving streaming for audio and video. We are highly satisfied with Muvi’s services.

Kashif Khan
Kashif Khan

Chief Executive Officer, EnterInfi


We wanted a platform that is reliable. We made the research and found Muvi, we felt Muvi was the best solution that met our requirements. The fact is that it is DRM Enabled, it protects content from getting downloaded, screen scraped or even screen sharing is not allowed.

Danji Thotapalli
Danji Thotapalli

Festival Director, Indic Film Utsav

Frequently Asked Questions

React Native SDK is a framework that enables developers to build mobile applications using JavaScript and React. It allows for cross-platform development, saving time and resources. Choosing it ensures a consistent user experience across both Android and iOS devices.

Muvi Player SDK for React Native elevates your app's video capabilities. It offers advanced features like DRM support, seamless playback, and customizable UI. This ensures an engaging and secure video experience for your users.

React Native SDK is versatile and suitable for a wide range of mobile apps. It's particularly beneficial for apps that require cross-platform compatibility and a high-quality user experience.

Muvi Player SDK for React Native allows you to integrate advanced video functionalities seamlessly across both Android and iOS platforms. This ensures a consistent and engaging video experience for a wider audience.

Muvi Player SDK for React Native employs efficient transcoding techniques to optimize video playback. This includes Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) streaming, which dynamically adjusts video quality based on network conditions, providing uninterrupted streaming.

Yes, Muvi Player SDK provides comprehensive analytics tools that allow you to monitor the performance of your video content. You can track metrics like viewer engagement, video quality, and more, enabling data-driven decisions.