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Video or Audio on Demand, Live Streaming, Cloud Playout for TV and Radio, HTML5 Video player & much more

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Launch OTT Streaming Media Service instantly with Muvi One. Build platforms like Netflix, Udemy, Spotify, Google Play Movies, or YouTube, anything is possible! Explore the unlimited possibilities with 1000+ features.

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Stream Live Video from any camera or a mobile. Go Live with Your Sports Tournaments, Corporate Events, Shows, Training Sessions on Web, Mobile & Connected Devices.

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Deliver a great video experience on your website & apps. With Muvi Flex you can host, store and manage your content efficiently. Create Playlists, share across social media platforms and 3rd party websites.

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Cloud Playout for linear TV & Radio channels with On-Demand & Live Content. Schedule, Launch and Manage your cloud-based Linear Channels with drag and drop scheduler and EPG support.

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Integrate seamless video playback into your website or app. Muvi Player SDK supports all major video formats, including MP4, WebM, HLS, and DASH, and provides advanced features such as adaptive streaming, closed captioning, and custom branding.

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AI-Powered Recommendation Engine for your Website & Apps. Alie offers personalized content recommendations for every user based on the past interaction of user with your platform.