Video Advertising (AVOD)

Ad-Supported Video on Demand (AVOD) Platform!

Monetize your Video Streaming Platform by running Video Ads!

Run pre-rolls, mid-rolls and post-rolls and much more on your videos across Website, Mobile Apps and TV Apps, as well as any other type of video ad units that are supported by the video ad server and monetize on Ad Supported Model (AVOD)

Muvi seamlessly integrates with 3rd party Video Ad servers like YuMe, SpotXchange and DoubleClick and provides you with a higher control over your Ad inventory and campaigns.

Integrating with Ad Servers offer you a higher degree of control over your ad inventory allowing you to sell and upload your own ads as well as approach and integrate with multiple Ad Networks who can fulfill your inventory! And the best part? You keep 100% of all revenues, no Rev Share with Muvi! You can also build and run your platform with both Paid and Advertisement model - all from a single admin-cms.


  • VAST and VPAID compatible Video Player
  • Out-of-box Integration with YuMe, SpotXchange and DoubleClick
  • Pre-Roll, Mid-Roll and Post-Roll Support
  • No Rev Share, keep 100% Revenues
  • Integrate with Multiple Ad-Networks
  • Upload and sell your own Ads
  • Ad Support in Mobile Browser

Run Multiple Ad Units


Monetize your Videos by inserting multiple Ad units in a single Video. Setup and sell your Videos on Pre-roll, Mid-Roll or Post-Roll Ads and introduce your audience with new interactive units to drive higher engagements and yields.

Use Built-in Muvi Ad Server


Muvi’s AVOD interface is easy to use and seamlessly integrates with Ad Servers like YuMe, SpotXchange and DoubleClick or any other Ad Server of your choice as long as they support VAST and VPAID Ad Tags.

Ad Servers provide greater control and flexibility over Ad inventory so that you're not tied down to one Ad fulfillment network. With Muvi, you can integrate with Multiple Ad Networks and Exchanges as well as upload your own Video Ads giving you complete control of your Ad inventory.

In addition, Muvi has an advertising product, Muvi Ad Server. You can use this to get up and running on your video/audio advertisements quickly. Muvi Ad Server is easy to use, you can create an account and start using in seconds (literally!) and you get to keep 100% of the ad revenue. It works seamlessly with all Muvi products. Learn More

Both Paid & Ad-Supported


Muvi believes monetization strategy is very critical to any platform and leave no bars to open a whole world of opportunity to its platform owners. With Muvi, you can run a Video Streaming Platform based on both Subscription (SVOD) and Video Advertising (AVOD) model allowing multiple monetizations on a single platform.

No Revenue Share


There is no revenue share involved anywhere when it comes to us. All the revenues generated through your platform are directly linked to your accounts and Muvi has no intervention in it whatsoever.

Analytics & Reports


Muvi provides a detailed report of each and every Ad campaign running on your platform giving you complete control. The Ad server reports provide an accurate overview of your Video Ad inventory with it’s easy to use user-interface.

Ads on Embed Player


Muvi enables you to continue earning your revenues via Video Advertising even when your videos are shared with 3rd party sites via Embed Codes. You can even be a Muvi Server user, using Muvi's Video Player technology just to embed the videos onto your own website or apps and enable Video Advertising (AVOD) option to start earning revenues from the ads that are played on the video.

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