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SDKs vs APIs – Know The Difference 28 February 2024

Building apps and platforms can take time. Luckily, developers have tools called APIs and SDKs that help them work faster. These tools are like pre-built blocks for your app. They offer ready-made features and tools that save time and effort … Continue reading

The API Wonder: How Muvi Powered The World’s First 24×7 Multimedia Platform on Cryptocurrency 05 February 2024

  Crypto KTV is the world’s first multi-lingual Web 3.0 TV channel and integrated multimedia platform on cryptocurrencies. It offers 24×7 streaming of news, updates, and information related to cryptocurrencies from across the world. This platform offers live TV, on-demand … Continue reading

6 Best Live Streaming APIs in the Industry 03 November 2022

  There are various factors to consider while choosing the right streaming platform solution for your streaming requirements, but have you ever considered the significance of Live Streaming Application Program Interface (API)? Live streaming APIs play a significant role in … Continue reading

Muvi API for Streaming Website? Well, What’s in there for You? 14 February 2020

  APIs are working behind the scenes in almost every business that involve software architecture of any sort. Streaming platforms or websites have not failed to embrace it too.  Well, as your curiosity for API has brought you here, let … Continue reading