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India: The next battleground for Amazon & Netflix 03 August 2016

OTT space in India has already been racing hot and is going to set a competition bar again with the launch of US-based Netflix this January. In a recent report by financial express, the battle is going to be intensified with the upcoming launch of Amazon’s online video service, which already is an established player. …

Asian operators are interested in partnerships with OTT players 29 June 2016

Nearly every Asian mobile operator is interested in pursuing partnerships with OTT players to combat the growing problem of revenue loss, a survey suggests. The survey, conducted by Alepo ahead of Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2016, shows that just over half of respondents already have working partnership agreements with OTT providers. On the other hand, …

Smart OTT – the new way ahead 10 February 2016

Traditional Pay-TV operators are gearing up to face the heat from OTT players like Netflix and Hulu. OTT content is coming up on some operators, in a sort of hybrid scheme – where they offer the best of both worlds. It is expected that this year smarter packaging will come up with linear TV, like …

OTT Will Unlock Doors for Multicultural Content 01 October 2015

  New OTT video services such as Amazon hold the promise of providing opportunities for producers of color to get their projects on air, Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Spike Lee said. Lee, speaking Wednesday at the NAMIC Conference general session, said the new OTT players can play a vital role in greenlighting television shows and films that tell stories …

DTVE Calls For Views On Whether Pay TV and OTT Are Partners or Competitors 14 August 2015

Digital TV Europe is inviting all pay TV operators, content/channel providers and OTT players to share their views on the future of the relationship between pay TV and OTT and help us to build a picture of the possible ways in which the industry could evolve. The ability to use OTT Video platform to deliver …

TRAI proposes regulatory framework for OTT services : Net Neutrality just landed in India 02 April 2015

  As Net Neutrality continues to scorch earth for telecom operators and ISPs alike all over the globe, and following the recent 3-2 Democrat-Republican voting victory for Net Neutrality in the United States, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has called for a consultation on a proposed regulatory framework for Over The Top services like WhatsApp, …

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