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Role of Recommendation System in Banking 19 July 2021

The banking sector has always been one of the most crucial and integral parts of our lives. Managing finance is probably the biggest challenge for many, so we often needed advice. The digitization has been a boon for the banking sector as it has automated a lot of mundane manual tasks. Bank accounts, insurance, mutual …

How Alie Leverages On User’s History to Recommend Suitable Products 19 July 2021

  When you look at someone’s browsing history, you will get to know more about the person than their social media account. Alie took this information into consideration and built an ‘end user interaction‘ algorithm. What Alie does is to analyze the behavior of a user on the website, which product do they react positively …

Role of Recommendation Engine in News Websites 14 July 2021

  Gone are the days when newspapers were the only source of information that anyone could get. As the social media websites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are gaining popularity; news agencies have a hard time competing. The problem is not that there is a lack of space to represent the news article, but the …

Need of Recommendation System in 2021 17 June 2021

  Recommendation System not only suggests products and services but also drives traffic. Thus, it also acts as a marketing tool for businesses.    How much time does it take for you to buy a dress from offline stores? Two hours? Three hours? How about the time duration from online stores? 10 minutes? 15 minutes? …

Muvi Announces Two-Step-Integration Feature for its Recommendation Engine Alie 16 June 2021

  Muvi has just announced two-step-integration feature for its popular recommendation engine Alie. Being AI-powered and industry-agnostic, Alie has always been in the limelight for the diverse sectors. And this new feature is expected to be a game-changer for the Alie customers! From now on, you can integrate Alie with your websites and apps in …

Accelerate User Engagement on Your Online Platform with Time-based Recommendations 02 June 2021

  Remember that festive season when you were in need to buy a cake oven because your friends would be coming to your place for a Christmas party!! Then you logged on e-Bay on your mobile phone and that oven was popping up on the home screen. You immediately clicked on the Buy Now option, …

Muvi Launches Four New Features for its Recommendation Engine – Alie 02 June 2021

  Muvi has just launched four brand new features for its AI-powered recommendation engine Alie. So far, Alie has stood out from the crowd being industry-agnostic, scalable and having various feature-rich solutions. And from now on, Alie customers will have more freedom to train Alie in their own ways!  Here’s an Exclusive Insight to the …

What is an AI-based Recommendation Engine 31 May 2021

  In the past few years, if one has to say which industry grew the most, it certainly is the e-commerce and subscription SaaS. The coronavirus pandemic that hit the world last year helped in growing its popularity. Everyone is now familiar with this industry, but only a few realize its importance. For those who …

Role of a Recommendation Engine in Online Gaming 31 May 2021

  A decade back, if someone had asked you what Online Gaming is, you probably would have thought something a bunch of nerds do. However, it is 2021 now. Do you know anyone who doesn’t play online games? The Gaming industry is one of the most growing industries in the world. In fact, in 2020, …

Learn How an AI-powered Recommendation Engine Helped Sophie Achieve 10X Growth 31 May 2021

  Sophie is a health and fitness enthusiast and shares her success story of using Alie. “Rare are those individuals who realize their dreams, and rarer are those who accomplish their dreams.” One such person who comes under the category of ‘rarer’ is Sophie Williams. Sophie is only 23 years old fitness influencer and has …

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