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Benefits of Recommendation Engine 17 October 2021

  In our previous blogs, we have explained the evolution of the recommendation engine and what it is. However, there is another essential factor that every store owner must know: the benefits of a recommendation engine. Before anyone decides to integrate a recommendation engine with their platform, they should know what lies ahead of them …

How to Integrate Recommendation Engine with Wix 30 September 2021

  Did you know that Wix has been awarded as ‘The most popular on the entire internet in hosted solution’ category? So, as a customer, you need not worry about being at a good place, but what you should worry about is how you can give your customers a personalized experience? How can you improve …

A Detailed Guide on AI-based Recommendation System 29 September 2021

White paper on Recommendation System Have you ever wondered how some websites know what you might want before you even think about it? For example, you wish to buy a book and visit an e-commerce website. Once you log in, you are greeted with a list of books from genres that you were going to …

How to Integrate Recommendation Engine with E-commerce Platforms 15 September 2021

  The whole idea behind e-commerce platforms is to provide the customers with a smooth online shopping experience without them needing to step out of their homes. So, why is it that the stakeholders of e-commerce platforms tend to forget the most important factor of shopping – recommendations. Can you recall how every time you …

Challenges of Using a Recommendation System 16 August 2021

  The importance of a recommendation system has increased over the years and will continue owing to its various features. A recommendation system can help you improve your revenue by suggesting the customer a perfect product or service; it can also help a business in marketing campaigns and track their customers. Needless to say, a …

Role of recommendation engine in personalizing the streaming experience 16 August 2021

  Today, viewers have complete freedom to watch the latest movies and listen to their favorite music on preferred devices – Smartphones, Computers, Tablets, or Connected TVs, every time and everywhere. But back in 2005, when the premium movies & TV content were made available online for the first time, no one ever imagined that …

What are the different types of recommendation engines? 16 August 2021

  We have been discussing what recommendation systems are for a while. But what approach does a recommendation engine have to handle the task of sorting and recommending items to the users? It won’t be wrong to say that understanding this essential aspect means understanding the basic models that almost all recommender systems are designed …

Why Do You Need a Recommender System for Your Online Business? 16 August 2021

  Today we are so accustomed to getting recommended for desired commodities and services on the web that the buying experience has started to seem incomplete without it. Abundant alternatives available on the internet have compelled online businesses to come up with a personalized browsing environment with user-specific recommendations. That’s where conveniently, the role of …

Advantages of Using a Recommendation Engine 16 August 2021

  It is vital to understand that to grow an online business, one needs to adapt to the ever-changing innovations and technology pertaining to the same industry. A recommendation engine is one such advancement that has been in the industry for nearly two decades. However, enterprises realized the recommendation engine’s true potential back in 2012 …

Three Generations of Recommendation Engine 01 August 2021

  Since the dawn of internet, if there is one thing that is increasing exponentially besides bandwidth and speed, it’s information in the form of data. In the age of such information overload, if a person tried to search for something on the internet, presumably without using any sort of algorithms, then it might take …

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