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Exploring the Future of Learning: How Digital Twins are Revolutionizing Education 04 September 2023

Education has been revolutionized today thanks to its growing accessibility among all. This outreach has been made possible through technology. Affordable internet devices and high-speed internet have all contributed to this exponential progress in digital education and today, we are … Continue reading

Top 15 Benefits of Muvi One’s eLearning Module That Will Take Your Business To The Next Level 01 May 2023

While developing an eLearning platform, we usually look to develop certain features which can offer the desired benefits of eLearning like course management, learner management, assessments, and security. But, most of us are aware of the difficulties we face while … Continue reading

How to Build an eLearning Website like Udemy and Coursera? 01 March 2023

  Are you planning to build an eLearning website like Udemy and Coursera? eLearning has rapidly changed the landscape of the education system and has made everything easily accessible for hassle-free consumption of educational courses and training programs despite the … Continue reading

How to Develop a Live eLearning Platform Without Coding? 24 February 2023

eLearning is the new buzzword in the education industry. The convenience of doing courses from the best tutors across the world, sitting at your home, makes it the most preferred choice of learning for many.  For tutors and institutions too, … Continue reading

Top 10 eLearning platform providers for Remote Education in 2023 14 February 2023

    Today, most of the people first look for their queries on the internet rather than looking for books or asking some expert. Evolution of the internet and rapid advancement in technology has no doubt given a vast opportunity … Continue reading

How To Grow & Improve Your Online Learning Business in 2023? 09 February 2023

  The online learning industry has grown at an unprecedented rate in the last few years, and holds high potential to exhibit exponential growth in the coming years. As stated in a recent market report, the global elearning market is … Continue reading

How Educational Institutions Can Enter The E-Learning Business With Muvi One? 11 November 2022

  In this digital world, even education is becoming more and more digitized. From digital classrooms to digital learning or eLearning, modern-day education is very dynamic. There are many reasons for the overwhelming popularity of eLearning, but one of the … Continue reading

Store Unlimited Videos for your eLearning Platform with Muvi Flex 01 November 2022

  eLearning is not new in the education industry. Online education has heightened demand in schools, colleges, and universities to convey advanced learning solutions to students via eLearning platforms. Application of digital platforms for learning is a rapidly changing educational … Continue reading

How To Develop Your Own LMS Platform Using MUVI? 21 October 2022

  In the modern era of education, Learning Management Systems have become a basic necessity. Whether it is digital learning or classroom learning, LMS has its own advantages in both scenarios. And this escalation of LMS is not limited to … Continue reading

Top 5 live streaming classroom platforms 01 October 2021

An aberration of the conventional schooling system in the wake of pandemic-driven lockdown led to the subsequent rethinking of the various strategies by educational institutions and landed them into adopting initiatives such as digital classrooms. While they slowly migrated the … Continue reading