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Top 16 OTT & Streaming Insights for 2024 21 March 2024

The OTT and streaming industry is expanding exponentially every year.  The world has witnessed many technologies that will enhance user experience and push the power button of video streaming to reach unexplored domains and provide entertainment and knowledge to even … Continue reading

Creator Trends Predictions 2023 11 January 2023

  Everybody is a creator today. According to Hubspot’s 2022 State of Consumer Trends report, 30% of 18-24 year-olds call themselves creators. The numbers rise to 40% for 25-34-year-old groups. Content creators today produce and share original content on the … Continue reading

Networks rework the stats-engine to track multi-platform viewing 12 February 2015

Broadcast and cable networks have aggressively joined hands to disseminate viewership data cobbled together from many sources — from traditional #nielsen numbers to cable #vod-playback stats to a range of methods for tracking streaming activity. Nielsen at present doesn’t measure all of … Continue reading