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How to Monetize Live Music Concerts Using Muvi Live Paywall? 22 April 2024

Live music concerts are often a never-forgettable experience for music lovers. And thanks to online streaming, organizers can now deliver this once-in-a-lifetime experience to music lovers across the globe.  But here’s a catch. There are tickets and passes for physical … Continue reading

Paywalls vs. Subscriptions: Which is Right for Your Video Content? 15 April 2024

  Are you confused between paywall vs subscription for monetizing your valuable content? As the demand for high-quality video experiences rises and consumer preferences continue to evolve, the choice between paywalls and subscription models emerges as a vital strategic decision. … Continue reading

Earn 10x More Than YouTube with Muvi Live Paywall 08 April 2024

Hey, live streamers! Are you looking to maximize your live stream revenues, but are still stuck in the Ad revenue drought? Read this blog to know how you can unlock the true revenue potential of your live streams by migrating … Continue reading

A Complete Guide To Video Paywall 27 February 2024

Be it live streaming or video on demand – the streaming industry is continually evolving, making it essential for businesses in this sector to grasp the significance of various crucial components. And video paywall is one of them.  A clear … Continue reading

Video Monetization: What is a Video Paywall and 5 Reasons You Should Use One 09 February 2024

Looking to generate revenues from your videos? You can do so very easily using a video paywall! Read more to know everything you would need to, about video paywalls in this blog. As a video content creator, you must be … Continue reading

Video Paywall solution – How to monetize and Protect your Contents? 21 October 2022

  Video paywall solutions ensure the best method of making money from the content because it allows you to take control of your earnings and curate an independent business around what you build. Nowadays audiences are clever and they opt … Continue reading