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Video Paywall solution – How to monetize and Protect your Contents?

Ankit Jena Published on : 21 October 2022
Video Paywall Solutions


Video paywall solutions ensure the best method of making money from the content because it allows you to take control of your earnings and curate an independent business around what you build. Nowadays audiences are clever and they opt to pay for quality video content either through subscriptions, pay-per-view, or by watching ads on their favorite content rather than subscribing to the entire library. It is estimated that the OTT revenue will reach $210 billion by 2026.

One of the most renowned methods of monetizing video content is through ads. However, most of the audience choose not to see a video content with too much ad interference in it and this makes them pay for a subscription to get rid of ads. At the same time all of them don’t prefer taking the complete package of subscription and wish to individually pay once and watch a content according to their preference. Here comes the use of video paywalls. Let’s dive down to learn more about paywalls.


Video Paywall Solution


What is a Video Paywall solution?

A video paywall is the method of restricting access to digital content. It either needs a one-time payment or a recurring subscription to access and watch the content. Restricting access to your content helps control your prices and create a foreseeable revenue stream. It allows you to turn your free content into premium or paid video content. It is highly necessary for SVOD and TVOD monetization because it restricts free access to digital content by requiring an end-user to purchase the video or pay for the subscription to gain access to the content. The future of OTT business model is probably a model in which paywall will be the essential element.  


Why is it the right time to start using a video paywall?

Platforms with Video paywall solutions can help you protect and expand your video business. Putting premium content in paywall helps you:

  • Take control of the revenue and content
  • Keep your business safe from ads and platform crash
  • Craft a firm relationship with your audience

Premium video streaming platforms are quite popular these days and the demand will continue to grow. Currently, the video streaming market is valued at $85 and that number is expected to grow over 10% every year up to 2025.

People would love to pay when there is a convenient viewing option by just paying a small fee. Video paywalls are one of the major reasons streaming media businesses are generating over $100 million per year.


Why should you choose a Video Paywall solution to Monetize your Videos?

Paywalls solve the problem of generating revenue without using advertisements. As long as advertisers have been making ads, people have been trying to evade seeing them. Adding a paywall to your website lets the audience come straight to you for the content they need.

With video paywall solution, people can’t access the content until they have paid for the access and this makes video paywall ideal for:


Hybrid events –

It is an event where people have the option to choose to participate in an event either virtually or in person. Here, the video paywall solution asks for a ticket-taker to allow access.


Music Shows – 

Virtual Music concerts are not the complete replacement of the physical concerts; however, it gives musicians more opportunities to perform and increase the access. And on the other side, physical concerts limit the number of individuals that can accommodate the location and watch it. Video paywall solution makes it possible to sell tickets to an unlimited group of audience.


Sports – 

Sports events are quite dissimilar from other types of concerts or events because here the viewers are more accustomed to paying for virtual access to events. Instead of purchasing a substantial cable package and tolerating the ads, a video paywall solution is an upgrade.


Business Conferences – 

Traveling for a weekend business meeting or conference is always not possible and virtual conferences are a great replacement to make things easy. It makes business conferences get more participants and more speakers with low cost. If you have already planned to hold an event physically, why not offer tickets to a huge number of audiences using a video paywall solution.


Video Paywall can make a broad community around your content

Communities comprise people with the same values as well as interests. Developing an online community means increasing consumer loyalty, and brand loyalty around your business and this leads to making repeat purchases, recommending your service to other peoples and making your service the most loved ones even if you are quite costly.

A great content will let your users go and share about the content they loved watching from your platform and will recommend their friends to watch the same by paying for the content and this will help you build an audience community for any particular content from your library. And a video paywall solution is just the perfect combo to build a community around!



If curating and broadcasting content is an essential part of your business, hosting video behind a paywall is the finest method to keep complete control over your content access.

Using a VOD streaming platform with a video paywall solution will help you protect your business from the whims of another company’s algorithm. Muvi is a white-label streaming solution that provides a secured video paywall solution and makes your content secure from unauthorized access. Take a free trial to find out how our video streaming solution can help you safeguard your premium contents.


Video Paywall Solution

Written by: Ankit Jena

Ankit is Content Writer for Muvi’s Marketing unit. He is a passionate writer with 5+ Years of Experience in Content Creation And Development. In his past time, he likes to dance, play football and google various things to quench his thirst for knowledge.

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