ADA Compliance

At Muvi, we are committed to ensuring that our websites and apps adhere to the highest standards of accessibility as per Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

  • Comprehensive Accessibility Standards
  • User-Centric Design
  • Transparent Accessibility Policies

ADA Compliance Checklist that Muvi Websites & Apps follow

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    Color Contrast

    We ensure that the color contrast of our web pages meets the standards outlined by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). This ensures that text and other elements are easily distinguishable for users with visual impairments.

    Duplicate ID and Frame Elements

    Muvi ensures that all elements on our websites and apps have unique IDs and that frame elements are appropriately titled for screen reader users to understand their purpose.

    Alt Tags for Media

    All media files and maps on our platforms are accompanied by descriptive "alt" tags, providing alternative text for users who cannot view images.

    Descriptive Labels for Forms

    Forms controls are equipped with clear and descriptive labels or titles, making it easier for all users to understand their purpose and provide input.

    Descriptive Anchor Text

    Hyperlinks throughout our websites and apps feature descriptive anchor text, enhancing navigation for users relying on screen readers or keyboard navigation.

    Viewport Settings

    We avoid using attributes like "[user-scalable="no"]" in the viewport meta tag and ensure that the maximum scale attribute is appropriately set, facilitating smooth zoom functionality for users.

    Language Identification

    Muvi incorporates the lang attribute to identify the language of each page, aiding screen readers in pronunciation and language switching.

    Accessible Call-to-Action Buttons

    Every call-to-action button on our platforms includes an accessible name and an ARIA label, enhancing usability for all users.

    Single Body Tag

    Muvi ensures that each page contains only one tag, avoiding potential confusion and improving overall code cleanliness.

    Meta Description Optimization

    We ensure that each page has a single, unique meta description tag, optimizing search engine results and improving accessibility.

    Google Tag Manager Placement

    We avoid placing Google Tag Manager code within the body tag, maintaining code integrity and improving page performance.

    Heading Structure

    We organize heading elements in a sequentially-descending order, ensuring logical hierarchy for screen reader users to navigate through content effectively.

    Heading Consistency

    Muvi avoids using identical headings within a page, ensuring clarity and ease of navigation for all users.

    HTML Headings Usage

    We utilize HTML headings instead of applying CSS heading styles to non-heading elements, ensuring semantic integrity and improved accessibility.

    Descriptive HTML Tags for Forms

    All forms on our websites and apps are equipped with descriptive HTML tags, providing clear instructions and enhancing usability.

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