No IT Teams Required. Leave Everything to Us.


No IT Teams Required. Leave Everything to Us.

Migration projects can be tricky! Successful data migration requires a meticulously planned and seamless process. Fret not – the Muvi Team is at your service. We've successfully executed numerous migration projects, seamlessly transferring data from custom data warehouses, the cloud, and various online video/meeting platforms such as Dacast, Wowza, Vimeo, Kaltura, and Twilio.

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Apart from introducing or sharing your login credentials with the Muvi team, you do not need to get involved. Muvi team takes care of everything for you technically. Your involvement may be required for authorization purposes and the approval process, other than that it's all taken care of by Muvi.


Depending on which platform your existing content is on, there may be a charge from Muvi for the import/migration tools and services. However, the platform fee that Muvi charges is waived for the migration period. You pay once to activate your account after which the migration is completed.

Muvi supports migration from almost all streaming platforms. You can get your platform or content migration from virtually anywhere it's currently hosted.

We have migrated platforms from a few hours to a couple of weeks' time frame. This entirely depends on your existing service provider, the level of support, and the APIs they provide to Muvi.

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