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Muvi’s Advanced Player Page is designed to incorporate all those elements which you as a streaming site owner would love to have on your player page.The page can be used to house the advanced player (on-demand video player) on one section in addition to other information such as content details, related videos, playlists, multi-part content queues, etc. Result, a detailed and engaging player page that keeps your audience glued to your streaming platform.

Using Muvi’s Template Editor, you can also add personalized design to the player page and give it the best-suited look and feel.

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  • Fully Customizable
  • Display Information
  • Template Support

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Fully Customizable


The player page can be completely customized using Muvi’s BYOD feature. This enables customers to customize the on-demand video player screen, add google ads, add custom images, add custom metadata, and many other styles.


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Display Information


Besides just the on-demand video player per se, the page will also be host to a range of other content-related information such as content description, playlists, featured sections, related videos, suggestions, content queues, etc.

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Template Support

The advanced player page is available on Muvi’s Modern Template. The default player will be in the existing full-screen format. However, customers can raise a request to use the advanced player, and the same shall be configured.

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