Cookie Based Recommendations

Personalized Recommendations using Browser Cookies


Cookies are small text files stored in a user's web browser directory. The user’s browsing history becomes part of a database that the website then uses to improve the customer experience.

Alie uses a similar principle and serves real-time personalized recommendations to end-users based on their browser cookies. Alie captures user activity & product data from browser cookies to generate relevant recommendations, even for guest users! Sending cookie data to Alie is easy just add a simple javascript code to your website/app,  you don’t need any complex database integration.



  • Domain/Content Agnostic
  • Scalable
  • No Complex Database Integration Needed
  • Analytics


Elevate User Experience with Personalized Recommendations

Domain/Content Agnostic

Domain/Content Agnostic

Alie’s cookie-based recommendations work for all types of content and industry segments. Alie utilizes machine learning algorithms to recommend books, clothes, videos, audio, and more.

Personalized Recommendations
Personalized Recommendation



Alie’s cookie-based recommendations can deliver the service no matter what the traffic type or volume on the website, Alie’s robust API-based algorithm can deliver at any scale.

No Need For a Complex Database Integration

No Complex Database Integration Needed

You don’t need any complex database integration, add a simple javascript to start showing recommendations. Alie is trained on high-end servers to provide real quick recommendations based on the amount of data that is sent for training. You can configure when to trigger recommendations either after 3, 5, 10 click events or you can customize as per your liking.

Personalized Recommendation
Cookie based recommendation engine

Real-Time Analytics


Alie’s Real-time analytics allows you to glean important insights more easily and capitalize on opportunities as they occur. Find which recommendations are driving more views/clicks/purchases on your platform, resulting in higher engagement and more transactions.


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