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Integrate Alie with your Website and Apps


Alie ingests user activity data from your website and apps to provide real-time recommendations. Integrating Alie with your website/app is fairly easy and can be achieved in two simple steps.

In the first step, Alie ingests data from your website or app in four unique ways: APIs, Webhooks, JS Plugin & RSS Feeds.

In the second step, Alie provides recommendations through accelerated inference APIs. These APIs can be invoked to show user recommendations on any page of your website/app.



    • Data Ingestion via APIs
    • Data Ingestion via JavaScript & RSS feeds
    • Reading recommendations from Alie
    • Real-Time Analytics


Elevate User Experience with Personalized Recommendations

Data Ingestion via APIs

Data Ingestion via APIs

Alie offers multiple ways to collect the data. APIs have great importance when it comes to transmitting the data from one software to another. Alie offers data transfer using

  • APIs - Alie offers your host of APIs to provide the data to Alie.
  • Webhook - It is a type of API that is driven by events rather than requests. The information will be passed on to Alie via a Webhook when a particular event occurs such as - an item sold, a user signed up or a user clicks on a product. You can configure the Webhooks on your website/app.
real time recommendation engine
real time recommendation

Data Ingestion via JavaScript & RSS feeds

Data Ingestion via JavaScript & RSS feeds

Alie can also read data from your website and applications using JavaScript and RSS Feed. Javascript is useful for collecting behavioral data from your pages.

  • JS Plugin - It is a simple Javascript code that you can copy and paste on your web/app platform pages. This will enable Alie to fetch user activities and collect the behavioral data.
  • RSS Feed - The Product(Item) data is scraped from the website/app for training Alie algorithms.

Reading recommendations from Alie

Reading Recommendations from Alie

Alie provides data to your website and apps using accelerated inference APIs. These APIs return a list of Recommended Product(Item) IDs for a user based on the model that is trained. You can then use these Product(Item) IDs to hook recommendations on product pages, shopping carts, or send recommendation emails easily to create a unique personalized experience.

recommendation engine
recommendation engine

Real-Time Analytics


As you integrate Alie and start generating user recommendations on your website/app, you need to measure the return on investment. Alie’s Real-time analytics allows you to glean important insights more easily and capitalize on opportunities as they occur. Find which recommendations are driving more views/clicks/purchases on your platform, resulting in higher engagement and more transactions.


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