How It Works

Some say its Smooth. Some say its Simple.
Actually its Both with Accuracy Intact

Data Acquisition

The first step is gathering data. Data can be either explicit or implicit. Explicit data consists of configuring content and user views data in Alie by the store owner. This information can be added to Alie in the following ways:

Rest API:Customer needs to configure the API endpoints of his data source.
CSV Import:He can add or export all his data into CSV format and directly upload in Alie.
Plugins:Alie plugins can be used to integrate and fetch data.Data is implicitly collected from end-users based on their view history, click-throughs, search history, etc.

Data Analysis

Alie uses an Artificial Intelligence-based advanced algorithm to process the collected data, filter out irrelevant ones and make recommendations based on user’s interests. Alie continuously learns and adapts itself flexibly to new user behavior through machine learning.

Show Recommendations

Alie helps users discover products or content that they may not come across otherwise. It scans through the content and recommends the most relevant content to every user.

Show Statistics on Dashboard

Store owners can view the total number of recommendation requests made by Alie on a day-to-day basis in graphical representations. They can also manage the billing information and their profile data at one place.

“Alie is an AI-driven Recommendation Engine for any online business, blogging platform, and websites. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, Alie uses machine learning and deep learning algorithms to capture and analyze user data and recommend personalized content in real-time with impeccable accuracy.”

Easy Integration | Advanced Algorithm | Real-time Recommendation | Adaptability Across Domains