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As technology grows, the number of online transactions is also growing, and a fast-paced lifestyle creating new opportunities for cybercriminals. As an online merchant, you need to provide the highest level of payment security to assure your customers that their data is safe.

At Muvi Billing, we take security very seriously. And that is why we provide you a platform that is capable of defending itself against a host of security threats. Muvi Billing is equipped with the latest security features to protect your platform, content, and user data from various security threats ranging from hackers to pirates who are looking to steal your data and disrupt your platforms.

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  • Server Level Security
  • SSL Certificate
  • VPN Detection

Server Side Security & Firewall

Muvi Billing’s Server level security and multi-level firewall ensure your data is always safe and secure. We conduct a host of tests and checks regularly to ensure your platform has a high level of protection. Muvi Billing has a 24x7 security monitoring infrastructure to fend off security attacks. Muvi Billing also takes regular backup to ensure you never lose your data.

Muvi payment gateway
Muvi platform support multiple payment gateway

SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate

Muvi Billing offers an SSL certificate for its backend CMS/admin panel, as well as your website, ensuring secure transmission of data from our servers to your Website and apps. SSL certificate on your website adds that extra layer of trust and security for your users and subscribers. It also ensures that they are registering on an authentic website and the credit card data they enter will always be stored and transmitted in a safe and secure manner.

VPN Detection

VPN Detection

Muvi Billing's GeoIP Intelligence restricts access to end-users who use 3rd party VPN services to bypass the geoblocking. This gives an added layer of protection to platforms that want to restrict access to specific regions allowing only authentic users and subscribers to access your platform.

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