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Adapting to The New Normal 09 April 2021


I am Manisha Singh, Technical Recruiter of Muvi. I joined the company in Oct 2019. Since then, I have been handling all the recruitment and hiring activities in Muvi. Things were running smoothly in 2019 with going to the office every day, meeting colleagues, working from the office, having some tea time chats with friends, celebrating, and enjoying different festivities.

There was a turning point for everyone when COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic by WHO in March 2020. I still remember us clapping, beating thalis with spoons on the ‘Janta Curfew Day.’

Muvi immediately allowed us to work from home to contain the spread of the virus. Firstly, working from home felt like a holiday as we thought we would get back to normal soon. But things started changing, and we started adapting ourselves to the new normal.

As I was handling the hiring process, there came many questions to my mind as to how we would continue hiring for all the open positions we had. We generally had the concept of conducting face-to-face interviews, which was no more an option then. 

But soon, many people expressed their interest in working with Muvi as we were providing the remote working option. We were also able to gather some of the best talents globally, as remote working made it easier for people to work for us from all parts of the world. We have even provided the complete remote working option to some of our employees. Nevertheless, we also had to face challenges in hiring during this pandemic. But yes, we have overcome them with time and probably had the highest number of joiners during that period and have grown together as a company.

Personally, I got more time to work and focus on things as the traveling time was eliminated though the personal touch with the colleagues is still missing. According to a recent survey,67% of the knowledge workers want to continue working from home. Still, let’s hope to work from the office very soon like our earlier regular days, have fun, and go out for team lunches😊.


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Manisha Singh
Manisha is a people person inside out. She is the one bringing the amazing talents to work for Muvi and grow with Muvi. In her free time, she loves to read novels and watch Korean drama series (mostly with tissue paper handy :-)).

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