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How to Target Customers for your Online Business with a Notification System?

Ankit Jena Published on : 05 November 2021
Notification system


Mobile internet usage has stormed the marketplace with a positive aspect of a growing number of potential clients for several online businesses out there. To survive in this cut-throat world your business needs to have a proper marketing strategy in hand. When it comes to marketing strategy, targeting customers for your online business with a browser based notification system software would be a distinctive and fruitful idea. 

Accessibility and usability of mobile internet have soared recently and have empowered stakeholders to communicate with their potential clients easily without any bars or limitations. When people grab their Smartphones to find out some product or services online, your push notification could easily help them reach your online business portal with just a few clicks.


How Efficient is Browser Based Notification System for Businesses?

Browser based notifications are a great method to communicate with your audience. Most Smartphone users have a push notification system enabled on their devices, giving business owners a direct opportunity to find out their potential users without any bustle. Integrating a browser-based notification system can significantly enhance your digital business card by providing a direct line of communication with your audience.

The notification system can help you:

  • Redirecting your potential users to your social media channels 
  • Endorsing your services or products 
  • Notifying your special offers and discounts 
  • Engaging clients who never visited your website or searched for your brand 
  • Re-establishing your abandoned carts 

However, overloading your customers with a huge amount of push notifications could be a disadvantage for your business. Here, we will discuss in detail how you can target customers for your business with a notification system. 




Tips to Target Customers for Online Business with a Notification System


Map users and their actions 

Mapping users and their actions are the first and foremost strategy that will help you target customers for online business. You can add triggers to specific events using APIs through the trigger management feature in a notification system and launch customized messages for multiple users according to their browser oriented actions. This is important because your users will get to your online portal immediately and will realize the advantages of getting your push notifications and the smooth experience they will get from your online platform. 


Create occasion-based notifications

You can trigger occasion-based notifications by encouraging users to include them in festive season sales through a browser based notification system. You can create customized notifications dedicated to any upcoming occasion or festival and use them to attract users to shop for their friends and relatives during the festive season. You can also include some voucher codes with attractive discounts and offers in your push notifications.    


Make customized notifications for flash sales

Flash sales notification is the best method to reach your audience effectively. It creates interest in users and at the same time notifies them about the time limitations of the sale. As flash sales last for a few hours with cost-effective offers, a push notification will attract customers to buy your products or hire services before the offer ends.   


Announce special events

With the help of browser based notifications, you can also inform customers regarding some specific events going on your web portal. You can suggest your potential users visit your official website and have a glance at the event and offers.     


Send a reminder about abandoned carts 

You can also send reminders to your customers about the abandoned carts helping them to complete their buying procedure. Users will recognize your efforts to help them complete their shopping and will make them feel special and valued. It will drive your revenue and at the same time fabricate a lasting relationship with your customer. 


2 Essential things to remember while customizing push notifications 


Don’t make your notification wordy 

The first and foremost step is to limit the number of words you are using in your push notification.  Using a few words will help customers understand what exactly you want to convey or describe.


Give a personal touch to your message making the client feel special    

Create personalized content that will make them feel you are concerned about them. Talk about the abandoned carts or some important updates with a natural one-on-one touch. 


If you are searching for a browser based notification system with the ability to manage notifications across several channels, there is no better option than Konviare! It is a notification engine that helps you create, edit and manage trigger-based notifications without any coding knowledge. Start our 14-days free trial now. 


Written by: Ankit Jena

Ankit is Content Writer for Muvi’s Marketing unit. He is a passionate writer with 5+ Years of Experience in Content Creation And Development. In his past time, he likes to dance, play football and google various things to quench his thirst for knowledge.

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