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Do you know? About 75% of users add items to their shopping cart, but exit without even completing a purchase. However, it is the duty of marketers to identify such users and set up an automated notification system to remind them about the pending purchase or abandoned cart.

Let’s take an example from Travel Industry. In the case of flight cancellations, it’s always beneficial if you send an automated alert informing your customers about canceled flights. In addition to this, you can also send a notification helping them schedule a new flight or hotel stay in case of emergencies.

There are many other use cases where your marketing and product teams need a strategy to engage actively with your users and drive purchases. This is where Konviare’s Trigger Management is useful. Konviare can help you set up the triggers for sending automated event-based (abandoned cart, canceled flight) notifications. All you have to do is login into the Konviare dashboard, define your trigger conditions, generate the trigger code, and add it to your website or app.



  • Trigger Parameters & Variables
  • Easy Trigger Setup
  • Improve Open Rates


Manage trigger-based multi-channel notifications all from a single screen

Trigger Parameters & Variables


Notification Trigger Parameters & Variables

Konviare allows you to define parameters and variables that can trigger an event to generate user notifications. Define Parameters such as amount/cost, #users, #items, and variables like user name, email id, password, etc. In addition to notifications triggered by user actions, you can also define notifications for common system events like subscription renewals, user additions, etc.

notification triggers
manage notification triggers

Easy Trigger Setup


Easy Trigger Setup

Konviare offers an easy trigger setup for various events like a user signing up for your product or a mailing list, users with a pending order or an abandoned cart, etc. All you have to do is define your trigger conditions, generate the trigger code, and add it to your website or app. And you’re all set!

Improve Open Rates


Improve Open Rates

Notifications triggered with user actions, like views, clicks, downloads, purchases are proven to increase open rates by 5 times compared to generic notifications. Along with triggers, Konviare also allows you an option to segment your audiences into distinct groups based on their behavior and interests for sending personalized notifications. And rest assured that your notification campaigns will drive more results.


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