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Trigger and Manage transactional notifications across multiple channels, all from a single screen


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Manage Transactional Notifications from a Single Screen

Konviare is a multi-channel notification platform for transactional messages. Konviare gives your products the ability to manage notifications across multiple channels without needing to make the changes at the code level. With Konviare integrated into your products, you can easily create, edit, and manage trigger-based notifications from a single dashboard.

Notification Management: Seamless and Simplified

Notification management

Add, edit, and manage your transactional messages at the click of a button without making changes at the code level.

Trigger management

Quickly add triggers to specific events using APIs and launch customized messages for multiple user actions.

Multichannel Engagement

Engage your audience by sending notifications across SMS, WhatsApp, Email, etc.

Third-party solutions

Easily integrate Konviare with multiple email management solutions such as Mailchimp, Sendgrid, Hubspot, etc.

User Management

Add, edit, segment, and manage your audience list.

Content Management

Create and optimize your content as well as templates according to your target audience and engagement channel.


Learn more about your audience by getting detailed reports on notification delivery and user actions.

Seamless Integration

Konviare can be easily integrated into any existing products and solutions.

Why Konviare?

The Muvi Difference
  • Notifications can be created, edited, and customized within seconds
  • Set up and manage transactional notifications without being a coding expert
  • Manage all your notifications from a single dashboard
  • Choose from a variety of Industry grade predefined templates or customize and create your own version
  • Gain real-time insights on your engagement strategies
Product Notifications made easy

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