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My Story: Shubadarshini Patra 19 January 2022


Why did you join MUVI?

I always had an earnest desire to work in a recognised product company where my expertise and experience would work reciprocally for both and I found the picture-perfect in MUVI. A Hackathon once held earlier by Muvi, was my first introduction to the company. It sparked my interest in their products and was eager to apply when their vacancy was posted. It was a happy change for good reasons!!


3.5 years is a long journey. What made you stay so long here?

I was an experienced professional in the field when I had switched to MUVI. I feel so confident in saying that all the aspirations I had like product uniqueness, clear set goals, support from the organization, out0-of-the-box thinking are very much there to experience here. Outshining other global companies is never an easy task and I as a MUVIAN take pride in this.

Would you like to say something about your team?

Easily the best team in my career I have ever worked with. The team brings so much energy, enthusiasm and exuberance to the workplace. Team bonding and support from the manager is arguably the best, to say the least.

What are the 3 things that you loved the most in MUVI?

It is difficult to name just 3 things that I loved the most in Muvi. However, the 3 main aspects that make a company great and are present in Muvi in abundance are (in no particular order) – 
  • The flat culture MUVI has is so lovely to work with. Helps in bringing out the best to the table by encouraging confidence in a friendly atmosphere
  • Taking ownership of its employees in honing their skills professionally by organizing different programmes and personal development is not forgotten too. Drives like fit hours, plantation drives and festive hours are a regular here.
  • The trust and confidence this organization shows to its employees is amazing. You get ample opportunities to explore full technology stack.

Any advice to people who want to join us?

If you really want to heighten your product based knowledge with a stable and secured company that is competitive enough globally, then MUVI is for you. Of course, do remember that you would be vaccinated with mastery and adeptness for free.

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