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My Story: Tapas Das 29 July 2021



TD: Muvi is one of the best companies that I have worked with. The work culture and environment here is very flexible, healthy, and motivating. Muvi provides a lot of opportunities for career and knowledge growth.

4 years is a long time. You have seen the roller coaster here. Would you like to share some good and bad experiences?

TD: Absolutely! I have been enjoying my journey with MUVI since 2017. It is a platform where I groomed myself as an amateur to be a professional at what I do. Obviously, there were many challenging situations but all of those helped me to enhance my skills and potential of being an IT professional. During a few hard times, I have burnt midnightmid-night oil to get the assigned tasks done within the time frame. And then there were good times when I really felt blessed to work in this flat culture. The best part is that the whole engineering team extends its helping hand to deal with any challenge. And that is what  I admire quite a lot.

How is the team spirit? Do you enjoy working with people?

You would find the famous motivating Indian movie dialogue- “How is the JOSH… High” making its way into work across all the teams and pods at Muvi. Anytime for anything, all our teams are always ready. I have amazing work experience and learnt to stand against all the odds with the help of our team spirit.

You were always involved in all social activities under the MUVI foundation. What motivates you?

TD: From my childhood, I have always been involved in helping others. Being in  MUVI, I am fortunate enough to participate in social activities. Muvi Foundation is a branch of our company that always extends its support to the poor and needy. I always believe sharing is caring and it’s our responsibility to contribute to the development of our society.

What is the thing you like the most about MUVI?

TD: The thing I like the most about our company is its FLAT culture. We really mean this and everyone feels equally responsible for it. This paves the path for bringing new ideas to the table and transparent work ethics.

 What are your future plans with MUVI?

TD: I want to see myself grow with MUVI in the future. My objective is to equip MUVI with new and advanced Infrastructure.

 Any advice for the newcomers, who aspired to join MUVI?

TD: Muvi is an awesome platform to enhance your career. The work culture will boost your confidence level and help improve your leadership quality to groom your career. So avail the opportunity to join and get a chance to implement your ideas and innovation. 

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Mousumi Rana
Mousumi is a Content Marketer for Muvi. She is passionate about writing corporate blogs, articles, case studies, and marketing collaterals. When not working, she loves to dance, gym, and explore new places.

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