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Be an Owner, not just an employee. Muvi distributes 10% of its total shares among employees.


Muvi is among the fastest-growing SaaS startups in India. Join us to build, market, sell and support industry-leading audio/video streaming solutions.

Our Culture

Our Culture

  • Flat: We try and keep our culture flat. We have fewer management layers which improves organizational agility.
  • Transparent: We strive to be as open as possible, on as many things as possible.
  • Trust: We trust one another completely and unabashedly, without any conditions, doubts, judgments, or preconceived notions.
  • Creativity: Thinking creatively helps us to find the most effective route. Plus, it’s more fun
  • Diversity: Diversity and equality are at the core of our existence. Our commitment to building teams across race, religion, gender, and experience drives us forward every day. We believe in providing a healthy work atmosphere, allowing our teams to work harmoniously and contribute effectively.
  • Please refer to our detailed work culture document. We have written everything from recollecting the experience over these years.
  • We are on YouTube. It has videos which show that apart from work, we do so many activities for fun and learning. Have a look when you get a chance.
  • Giving back: We believe in giving back to society, please refer to
Muvi Culture
Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

  • ESOP
  • Annual profit sharing bonus
  • Family health insurance
  • Employee’s skill enhancement opportunity
  • We take fun seriously - many employee engagements activities
  • Rewards and appraisal
  • Mandatory yearly increment
  • Flexible working hours
  • Employee wellness programs - Yoga, fitness week, interaction with the doctor, etc

Interview Process

Interview Process

  • Screening: An initial screening helps us determine whether you have the background and the required skills for a particular function.
  • System Test: A system test is conducted to measure job skills, aptitude, and temperament prior to interviews or hiring.
  • HR Round: The HR  round is conducted to assess your personality, background, strengths, and weaknesses.
  • Onboarding: We offer the smoothest of onboarding processes that include - Welcome Package, Paperwork, Orientation, Training & Tools.  
Muvi Interview Process

Refer & Earn

Refer and Earn Money

Muvi offers up to ₹10000 for a successful referral. We are always looking for developers and QA professionals. You can refer a candidate to If (s)he gets selected after all the interviews, we will let you know via email and then send you the payment by bank transfer, based on their ranks.

Current Openings


Muvi offers ESOP (employee stock options) to every employee after they are with Muvi for 1 year. 10% of the total company share is reserved only for employees. For an enterprise B2B product company, 10% is a lot of value. Join us today to be a part-owner of the company, not just another employee for any company.

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