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OTT Market Growth Projection for India & South Asia 29 March 2023

Get the latest insights on the OTT market projection for India and South Asia and have access to data on internet penetration, revenue across various VOD models, types of content preferred, and much more. Download the report today.

How Analytics Help Make Accurate Business Decisions [Infographic] 28 March 2023

With Muvi One Analytics, making accurate business decisions become extremely easy for streaming business entrepreneurs. Loaded with powerful features, Muvi One analytics brings every single business insight directly to your dashboard.      Take your streaming business to new heights with Muvi One. Sign up to start your 14-day free trial today!    

Europe OTT Market – Projections, Growth Scope, & More 17 March 2023

To get a more in-depth view of the Europe OTT market forecast, driving factors, potential, and more read our Report on Europe OTT Market.  If you are yet to launch and grow a profitable OTT platform, get started with Muvi One today! Take a 14-day free trial now to try it firsthand (no credit card …

Growth Prediction for Streaming Businesses in The United States of America 14 March 2023

    To read more of such interesting statistics and growth projection data on video streaming and OTT business in the USA, read our OTT Market Projection Report blog. Click here to download the full report.  If you are looking to launch your own video streaming platform without coding, try Muvi One. You can develop …

Rapid Growth Predicted For Streaming Business in APAC (Infographic) 27 February 2023

The Video Streaming and OTT industry in APAC is expected to show rapid growth in the next five years. From 2022-2027, the OTT industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.75%. It will end up earning revenue of US $161.90 billion in 2027.      To read more of such interesting statistics and …

Must-know VOD Stats for Streaming Professionals in 2022 24 March 2022

  To leverage this growing potential of the VOD sector, launch your own VOD platform with Muvi. Your own branded platform to multiple monetization models – Muvi provides an all-in-one solution to secure your position in the competitive market.  Take a 14-day free trial today to know more (no credit card required).

How to Trigger Instant Notifications Using Konviare? 07 December 2021

  About Konviare Konviare is a multi-channel notification system that allows stakeholders to trigger instant notifications to the ends users and the administrator upon completion of any transactional actions in the website or application.  It allows your products the ability to manage notifications across multiple channels without making changes at the code level.  Get started …

Infographic: A Look into Global Subscription Billing Market 09 September 2021

  The global subscription billing market has gained traction over the past years, making every other business opting for a subscription billing system to sustain amidst the fierce competition.  North America is holding the largest market share in the global market, while Asia Pacific is projected to exhibit the fastest growth through 2022. Furthermore, the …

Infographic: A look into Africa’s OTT Market – Today & Tomorrow 29 April 2021

Video Streaming is said to lead the African OTT growth. Many Video Producers and Content Owners are expanding into the region looking at it’s high potential and growing market. In fact, African Film Industry – Nollywood is said to be the 2nd largest Film producing industry worldwide. Read our blog: A look into Africa’s OTT Market …


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