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Muvi offers you a new, no-risk, guaranteed revenue channel!


Join the ecosystem of the fastest growing video/audio CMS, imagine Muvi to be the WordPress for Video/Audio streaming websites and apps.
If you have web or mobile (iOS, Android) developers, you can start gaining new customers right away!
Muvi allows customers to launch a Video and/or Audio store on Web and Mobile (iOS, Android); website/app like Netflix, Spotify or We have a set of default templates that customers can use to launch a web/mobile store. However, if they need a custom design, then they look for an IT services company such as yourself. We want to focus on building our core platform and are always looking to partner with IT services companies to handle the customization (custom design/development) services for our customers. It’s a win-win for everyone!


Please email to with your company profile if you are interested.

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Build custom integrations


Create Muvi Templates


Build custom Video/Audio Apps

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Why should I join?

Muvi offers you a new, no-risk, guaranteed revenue channel.
No-risk is because you don’t have to do anything. No new technologies to learn, no partnership fee to pay. We contact you only when a customer wants to use your service.
Wordpress, Joomla, Magento, PhoneGap etc.. all such platforms are very crowded. There is a lot of competition. Muvi is a new platform. If you qualify and do a great job, you have an opportunity to be one of our few premium partners and earn a lot of new business.


What do I need to qualify?

We just verify if you have the resources (developers, designer, project manager etc..) to be able do the job. We verify so from your initial application form and a Skype interview with your leadership team. That’s all.


Is there a certification fee?



How do I try out Muvi?

After your Muvi Developer application is accepted, we will give you a free Muvi account where you can play with our APIs, SDKs and other development tools.

What technologies my developers need to know to use Muvi?

Muvi allows customers to launch a website or mobile app to sell Video and/or Audio contents.
For website, you can build using any technologies including PHP, Ruby on Rails, ASP.Net and Python.
For mobile apps, you can build using native languages, Swift for iOS and Java for Android.
We provide many developers tools using APIs and SDKs.


What kind of support I can get from Muvi?

Muvi is by developers, for developers.
Anything and everything you need - our developers will be always on your side. Any questions you have, just add a support ticket and we will reply you right away.


How much business can I earn?

Virtually unlimited!
We have Sony, TATA and Huawei as our customers who are always looking for custom design/development services on top of Muvi platform. You can do the math!


What do I have to do after I qualify?

We introduce you to a customer who wants to use your service. You can then work with him directly. We don’t get any share of your contract/revenue with the customer.

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Build beautiful web, mobile or TV applications using Muvi's REST APIs and bring your platform to life with video! Developers and partners can use Muvi's APIs and integrate powerful and secure adaptive video streaming into their apps and bring them to life! From on-demand video to live streaming, everything can be done with Muvi's APIs.

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Muvi invites designers and front end developers to work with us and build stunning templates for Muvi's platform that works across web, mobile and TV! Showcase your design and development skills with Muvi, and get an opportunity to design and work on the next Netflix or Spotify of the world!

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Mobile SDKs

Looking to go a bit extra with your mobile application? Need more than just the APIs to help scale the challenges of accepting and delivering videos from your audience? Looking to scale and deliver video at mass scale with multiple concurrent connections streaming and connecting at the same time? Muvi has the solution for you in form of SDKs that integrate and work within your existing app architecture seamlessly and help you solve and scale the complexity of Video streaming in a breeze without having to worry about all the headaches that come with it.

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Please email to with your company profile if you are interested.