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Create, Edit, and Customize Menus on Your Website

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How you structure your platform is often how you serve your consumers. The ease of navigation decides whether or not a user is going to stay on your platform or even subscribe to your services. Wouldn’t you want to control how your video/audio platform structures and how your menus would look like? Wouldn’t it be really awesome if you could do this all without writing a single line of code?

Muvi understand all of this, which is why we have built a very easy to use drag and drop based Menu structure & interface that lets you control not only your website's menu but also replicate it across all other devices like Mobile and TV! Muvi has custom dynamic menus that you can edit on the go and even create your own. Muvi supports tree structured menus, categories, content links, and internal and external linking of menus. So, you can easily hop in while on the go and change how your website or an app’s menus will look like.

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  • Dynamic Menus
  • Easy create & edit on the fly
  • Link Internal & External Pages
  • Supports Tree structure

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Create Menus on the Fly


Muvi’s Dynamic Menus lets your create your Menu’s while on the fly. You can choose your platform’s navigation by simply clicking add, edit or delete while on the go. Muvi suggests simple yet stylish menu options, so your users navigate easy and stay.


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Control Everything


You are in the power and complete control of your platform menus. You can choose your menus, add as much as you want, add content, create categories and add links, simply at the tap of a button.

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Works across Website and Apps


Muvi’s dynamic menus are responsive and will sync well with all your platform devices. So, you just have to choose your menu and they will automatically adjust according to each device your platform holds presence to. So, provide a seamless and lag free experience to your viewers across different devices.


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Supports Tree Structure


Categorizing content and providing a structure to your video or audio platform is necessary for your users to find the right content on right page. Muvi understands your platforms need to simplify the navigation and provides a support for creating tree structure menus, so your video or audio platform is rightly structured and rightly presented.

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