Protecting your content from Digital Infringements


At Muvi Flex, we take server security very seriously. Which is why we provide you a platform that is tested to defend itself against a host of security threats and is equipped with security features that help us protect you, your platform, your content and your users from various security threats ranging from hackers to pirates who are looking to steal your data, leak the video and audio content and disrupt your platforms.


  • Server Level Security
  • Encryption
  • SSL Certificate
  • Multi-Level Firewall
  • DRM & Watermark
  • Screen Record Protection
  • ISO Certified Processes

Server Side Security & Firewall

Securing web servers is a critical task enforcing tedious expertise and security protocols and Muvi Flex provides it! Muvi Flex’s Server level security and multi-level firewall, ensures your data is always safe and secure. Muvi Flex conducts a host of tests and checks regularly like Penetration Testing & Security Audits to ensure high level of protection and has 24x7 security monitoring of the infrastructure to fend off attacks like DDoS attacks. Muvi Flex also takes regular backup and has implemented Disaster Recovery (DR) protocol to ensure you never lose your data.

Server Side Security & Firewall
SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate

Muvi Flex’s backend CMS/admin panel, as well as your website, will have an SSL Certificate, ensuring secure transmission of content from Muvi Flex servers to client (Website and apps) via an encrypted impenetrable code that is safe from hackers and online thief’s.
Muvi Flex provides the strongest level of platform data encryption ensuring that your content is in safe hands. SSL certificate on your website adds that extra layer of trust and security for your viewers and subscribers as well ensures that the site they are registering on is authentic and the credit-card data they enter will be always stored and transmitted in a safe and secure manner.

With Muvi Flex, you have an option to implement a Studio Approved DRM for your platform to ensure an additional layer of server security for your content. A Studio Approved DRM means your content is always safe from pirates looking to hack in and capture your video and audio content during streaming or try to download it using any 3rd party download tools and plugins widely available online at the moment. Muvi Flex implements a Studio Approved Multi-Tier DRM which includes popular DRMs like Widevine, Playready, Fairplay, Marlin etc.. ensuring that irrespective of the user's device or browser, we have a DRM that will always be there to protect your data.

Studio Approved DRM
Screen Record Protection

Screen Record Protection

Muvi Flex’s studio-approved DRM keeps your content insulated even from the mode of piracy that is often considered irrepressible, i.e., screen recording. However, with Muvi Flex, no one can screen-record your DRM protected content or even take a screenshot of the playback. Such action whenever initiated results into a black screen disabling unauthorized access.

With Muvi Flex, you can watermark your content during playback with the viewer's IP Address, Name or Email ID to add enhance content security. Doing this will deter potential pirates and viewers from using tools like screen capture softwares as well as cameras (handheld or mobile cams) to record your content and distribute them. The watermark elements move discretely across the screen at random time interval thus preventing someone from blurring it out as well.

PCI Compliance

PCI Compliance


All our Platforms are PCI Compliant with secured connection for accepting & transmitting online payments. We frequently work on monitoring online threats for your content and improve our platform through enhancements in PCI Security Standards with a set of guidelines that govern data security across broad range of online payments.

VPN Detection

Muvi Flex's GeoIP Intelligence restricts access to end-users who use 3rd party VPN services to bypass the geoblocking. This gives an added layer of protection to platforms that want to restrict content access to specific regions allowing only authentic users and subscribers to stream from your platform.

VPN Detection

ISO Certified Processes

ISO Certified Processes


Muvi adheres to the latest standards in operational security to prevent information breaches. Muvi is ISO ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified company. 

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