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Host, Manage and Share Your Videos with Muvi Flex

From seamless integration to powerful security features, Muvi Flex empowers you to deliver high-quality video experiences to audiences worldwide.

Host, Share and Manage High-Quality Video and Audio Content

Unlimited Content

Upload and manage an unlimited amount of content on your platform, giving you the freedom to scale your video library without restrictions

Faster Transcoding

Experience lightning-fast transcoding speeds, ensuring your videos are processed quickly and ready for playback without delays.

CDN Integration

Harness the power of CDN integration to deliver your videos and audio files with lightning-fast speed and reliability to audiences worldwide.

Seamless Social Sharing

Amplify your reach and engage with your audience by seamlessly sharing your videos across social media platforms with just a few clicks.

Launch your Video Hosting Platform with Muvi Flex

Ready to revolutionize your video hosting? Connect with our experts today and discover how you can manage your media assets effortlessly with Muvi Flex.

All-in-one Content Management System

  • Efficient Organization: Muvi Flex offers powerful tools to categorize and organize your video and audio content efficiently. With features like tagging and metadata management, you can easily find and manage your videos.
  • Bulk Upload: Upload and edit multiple videos at once, saving you time and effort in content management tasks while streamlining your workflow
  • Customizable Video Playlists: Engage your audience with personalized video playlists, providing a tailored viewing experience that keeps viewers coming back for more.
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Secure Content Storage

  • Multi-DRM Protection: Protect content with Muvi Flex's multi-DRM encryption, safeguarding against piracy and unauthorized access.
  • Dynamic Watermarking: Embed unique identifiers within your videos to deter piracy and protect intellectual property rights.
  • Geo-blocking Controls: Customize geo-block settings to restrict content access to specific countries or regions, maximizing control over content distribution.


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Sharing and Publishing

  • Diverse Video Format Support: Muvi Flex supports diverse video streaming formats, ensuring compatibility with various devices and platforms.
  • Seamless Social Integration: Maximize visibility by easily sharing videos on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube directly from Muvi Flex.
  • Effortless Embedding: Share videos effortlessly across external websites and platforms with Muvi Flex's embed content feature.
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Online Video Player

  • Responsive and Customizable Player: Deliver an exceptional viewing experience with Muvi Flex's responsive and customizable video player. Tailor the player's appearance and functionality to match your brand and engage your audience effectively.
  • Interactive Features: Enhance viewer engagement with interactive features such as subtitle support, resolution selector, multi-language support and more interactive features.
  • Customizable Adaptive Bitrate Streaming: Optimize playback quality based on viewers' device and network conditions for a seamless viewing experience every time with Muvi Flex's customizable adaptive bitrate streaming capabilities.
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Easy Video Upload Options with Muvi Flex

Elevate your content management experience with Muvi Flex's seamless video upload functionality.

Effortlessly upload videos directly from your computer with just a few clicks. Enjoy the simplicity of uploading content from your desktop or laptop, making it convenient to add new videos to your platform.

Opt for the flexibility of uploading videos via FTP for streamlined content management. Seamlessly transfer large files and batches of videos to your Muvi Flex platform with ease and efficiency.

Robust, Reliable, and Secure Audio and Video Hosting Infrastructure

From unlimited content uploads, seamless CDN integration to seamless social sharing, built-in DRM to faster transcoding, Muvi Flex offers everything you need to to host, manage, and distribute your audio and video content effortlessly.

Experience the future of video hosting with Muvi Flex. Unlock a world of possibilities for organizing, sharing, and maximizing the impact of your audio and video content.

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Distribute Playlists

Distribute Playlists

Easily share curated playlists with your audience for a tailored viewing experience, enhancing engagement and retention.

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Generate revenue by seamlessly integrating VMAP ads into your videos, maximizing monetization opportunities for your content.

Built-in DRM

Protect your valuable content with built-in DRM solutions, ensuring secure distribution and preventing unauthorized access.

Analytical Insights

Monitor key metrics such as views, engagement, and audience demographics to optimize your content strategy effectively.