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30% of UK consumers use SVoD monthly 20 May 2015


Figures from Decipher’s bi-annual media consumption report Mediabug have shown how growth in usage of subscription VoD services like Netflix and Amazon Prime has been solely due to those over the age of 35.

Mediabug Wave 6 reports that 30 per cent of UK consumers use an SVoD service each month, an increase of +4 per cent in 6 months. However this growth has come from older age groups, with 35-44’s (+7 per cent), 45-54’s (+15 per cent), and 55+ (+8 per cent) age ranges all increasing their usage, whilst 16-24’s dropped 12 per cent over the same period. Both Netflix and Amazon Prime grew their subscriber bases over this period, with Netflix adding +6 per cent to their paid subscribers, and Amazon Prime adding +3 per cent.

This growth is being propelled by the increasing accessibility of SVoD services on TV’s and set top boxes. Already on Virgin TiVo, Netflix recently also arrived on Youview boxes with around 40 per cent of Youview owners now using their box to stream VoD to their TV’s at least once a month. In addition Smart TV’s, many of which have apps for both Netflix and Amazon Prime, have continued their strong growth. 29 per cent of broadband-enabled homes now have one, and 89 per cent of them are connected to the Internet.

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