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4K Penetration In US About To Hit 35% In 2019 23 December 2015

U.S. household penetration of Ultra HD 4K TVs will jump to 34 percent in 2019, providing significant opportunities for retailers, IHS forecasts.

The U.S. penetration rate will exceed the penetration rates of all other major countries in 2019, the company said. IHS cited America’s “comparatively strong economy and consumer penchant for large-screen TVs.” The research and consulting company also forecasts that by the end of 2017, most 50-inch-and-larger TVs worldwide will feature 4K resolution.

Household penetration in the European Union is forecast to hit 25 percent in 2019, thanks to the growing availability of UHD content from Internet and pay-TV providers, IHS said. Switzerland is expected to reach 32 percent penetration in 2019, followed by the United Kingdom at 31 percent.

There is a clear demand for high quality broadcast and video streaming services. It remains to be seen how the industry takes up the challenge to upgrade.

Source : Twice

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