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64% of Americans are unaware of what is 4K 25 January 2017


Based on a recent survey by Snell Advanced Media (SAM), despite the broadcasters pressure to invest in 4K technology, some 64 % of Americans still don’t know what 4K is. The survey also found out that Millennials are most likely to know what exactly is 4K as compared to any other age group, but that is still just less than one third of all 18-24 year olds (some 29 %).

According to the study, just 17 % US adults are confident they’ve heard about 4K and know exactly what it is. It was of no surprise that just 11 % of US adults currently own a 4K TV, with half of them either yet to find it worthwhile or to understand what it does. However, some 41 % of those surveyed consumers said they would like to have a 4K TV, once educated about it.

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