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81% interested in à la carte pay-TV 18 June 2015


Digitalsmiths, a TiVo company, has released its Q1 2015 Video Trends Report covering key topics across pay-TV, VoD, PPV, OTT, TV Everywhere, connected devices, and content discovery.

Based on an analysis of survey results from over 3,140 consumers, Digitalsmiths’ report highlights great improvements pay-TV providers have made; yet it also sheds light on the fact competition is coming strong from all channels, mostly video on demand service providers.

The majority of consumers do not watch many of the channels offered to them; therefore, Digitalsmiths inquired if there was interest in an à la carte pay-TV package.  Additionally, based on the launch of new services such as Sling TV and Sony PlayStation Vue, which provide lower-priced linear TV packages, Digitalsmiths wanted to understand consumers’ awareness and sentiment toward so-called “skinny TV packages.”

Read the entire story here.

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