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90% PayTV users interested in add-ons 09 March 2016

According to a survey by Vindicia, there is an interest to upgrade with add-ons amongst 90% Pay-TV subscribers. Discounts and offers are always a desire among users. The survey shows that more than 50% of users are ‘very interested’ to ‘extremely interested’ in such privileges. Among cord cutters, 39% report Pay-TV packages to be not value for money.

“Vindicia’s subscription survey offers two compelling truths,” said Gene Hoffman, CEO of Vindicia. “First, as long as service providers deliver sustained and obvious value for money, customers will stick around. Second, demand for value-added benefits is so high that service providers can consider it a reliable avenue for significant business expansion. Our survey found that despite the notion that consumers don’t want to add significant financial obligations to their lives, they are very willing to pay for the services they value.”

Source: IPTV News


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