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Amazon wants to go big with VOD 21 April 2016

According to a report at Streaming Media, Amazon at NAB 2016 revealed its plans of wanting to be a major player as a video on demand service provider. “We would like to have every digital video service and channel on our platform,” said Michael Paull, VP of digital video at Amazon. “We have over thirty services currently and we expect to launch dozens more in the coming months.” Considering that it is convenient for users to go to multiple apps, Amazon wants to become that one destination where users can access all their favorite video contents. They are hoping to sign up major SVOD providers onto their platform.

“In my mind, once you have the consumer, even if the intent is ‘I’m going to binge watch this show and exit,’ if you use the data to present other shows that they want to watch, they’ll stay,” said Paull.

Source: Streaming Media

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