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Amazon’s New Plan To Dethrone Netflix Is Really Good 27 November 2015

Amazon will soon give customers one more reason to join its special membership program: access to even better TV content than what’s already available to Prime subscribers. The company is apparently working on adding various other online VOD services to Prime in a move that’s likely meant to help it better position itself against rivals including Netflix and Hulu but also Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, and others.

Amazon has yet to make any formal announcements about the expanded Prime streaming service but its being said that that Prime subscribers will be able to add other online subscriptions to their accounts, including “major, well-known movie and TV channels.

On top of that, Amazon is looking to sell prepackaged bundles of its own content and the giant retailer will also keep investing in its own original shows alongside licensed programming.

Amazon will essentially manage customer relationship for major media companies just like existing pay-TV services do and is working on technology that will let users directly log into other streaming services with Amazon credentials.

Source : BGR

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