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Audio Streaming demand is soaring higher by the minute 26 March 2021

audio streaming


A recent online survey revealed that audio streaming is in high demand and will continue to retain that position, thanks to the audio listeners who prefer audio streaming any day. The statistics revealed that 52.4% stream audios daily, 66.2% prefer audio streaming because of the accessibility and ease it provides them.

The statistics further went on to reveal that 64.5% and 46.7% of audio listeners stated that they would pay for audio when needed and would invest in the model if the content entices them respectively. 

The head of the brand that initiated the survey revealed, ‘’I strongly believe that this new form of audio consumption and interaction will transform the content consumption experience and the way people engage with each other, while empowering content creators. Our survey certainly reiterates that audio is emerging as the most popular content consumption medium.”

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