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Audio streaming makes WFH more effective 23 March 2021


As per an online study, the audience that streams audio while working has grown up to 57% higher. While the pandemic has hit multiple brands to enforce the action of working from home, audio streaming on the other hand is working to make this new environment an easier one.

Statistics have shown that 7 out of 10 listeners opted for audio streaming out of which 87% were Gen Z, Hispanics were 82% and Parents were 79%. Radio and FM/AM have decreased by 8% as audio streaming has been given the utmost priority.

Also with the upsize of audio streaming, brands too witnessed significant growth in their ad actions as 45% of the audio ad listeners have learned more about a brand and were able to engage with it emotionally. 

Alexis Fragale, Director at Mindshare stated, ‘’Audio can be a powerful tool for people to help get them through their workday,”Whether it’s music, podcasts, audiobooks … it can take a number of different forms and serve different need states. By playing into audio’s complementary role as a mood enhancer and tapping into the power of this medium as a storytelling format, brands and marketers have an opportunity to tie their messaging into these emotions and need states.”

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