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BARB Releases First Official Figures For TV Player Report 08 September 2015


BARB has announced the results from the beta launch of the first joint-industry, audited measure of viewing to online TV in the UK.

The TV Player Report is a stepping stone to the completion of Project Dovetail – the hybrid measurement system that will use BARB panel data and device-based data – and for the first time provides official figures on the level of viewing to on-demand and live streamed content through online video on demand TV Player apps. The latest report shows that total time for viewing on audited online TV players was 353.3 million minutes during the week ending 23 August; however, BARB expects viewing to rise significantly as more platforms are audited and autumn schedules are launched.

Programme data are currently available for on-demand viewing only, with the most-watched programmes during the period including Made in Chelsea, EastEnders, The Great British Bake Off and Coronation Street.

Read the entire story here.

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