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BI Survey Finds YouTube and Netflix Getting More Popular Among Millenials 17 November 2015

YouTube and Netflix are slowly and steadily growing to be the first-choice sources of entertainment for the younger audiences. This claim is reinforced in the new BI survey that makes the following claims :

  • Among the 1500 respondents, about 81% used YouTube for streaming video 81% of respondents use YouTube to stream video.
  • 79% of the respondents stated that they watched subscribed programming on Netflix.
  • Millennials tend to incline towards services that charge less. Hulu, that offers an ad-based, free service , got a bigger audience than Amazon and HBO.
  • 3% of the surveyed millennials admitted on not using VOD services.

The numbers clearly show that millennials are willing to embrace services that are lighter on the wallet and heavy on content. Traditional Pay-TV providers may have to more than planning and thinking to stop this bleeding. Or it will be too late.

Source : Business Insider

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