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BluOS partners with music streaming service SoundMachine for business

BluOS signs partnership agreement with music streaming service SoundMachine aimed for enhancing music experience for light commercial environments. With this deal, SoundMachine allows users access to professional curated stations and ability to schedule promotional messages along with their music.

With music content reaching 10,000 locations across more than 65 countries, SoundMachine  subscribers can enjoy wirelessly transmitted music through one of the industry’s most cutting-edge operating systems, BluOS.

Matteo Luppi, CEO, SoundMachine quoted, “Our aim at SoundMachine has always been to create a seamless experience for businesses and the integration with BluOS is a step towards achieving that goal. With SoundMachine included in the BluOS platform, their users can now enjoy a solution that is easy to use, keeps them legal and is full of features specially designed for light commercial environments.”


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