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Charting OTT’s Audience In Q2 2015: Stats From Rentrak, comScore, Nielsen 27 August 2015


How are audiences watching video today? What percentage of time do they spend watching online video versus live linear TV? How engaged are they with the content they’re watching?

As we did in the first quarter of 2015, we take a look at how OTT TV platform viewers are watching, accessing and talking about the content they’re seeing, drawing on numbers reported by some of the top audience measurement firms including Nielsen, comScore and Rentrak.

In the first quarter, a lot of emphasis was being placed by measurement firms and the industry at large on social media engagement: how frequently viewers were mentioning a movie or TV show on sites like Facebook and Twitter. Correlating this data with other stats is a relatively new measurement device — having been adopted by major players like Nielsen less than a year ago, although comScore has been providing a metric for a bit longer — that gives analysts another dimension into viewer behavior.

Read the entire story here.

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