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Discovery CEO Says TV Industry Must Fight Back Against VOD Services 21 September 2015

David Zaslav CEO Discovery TV Streaming OTT


VOD services like Netflix, Inc.,, Inc. and Apple Inc. are posing a serious threat to the television industry, therefore, the chief executive of Discovery is asking the industry to take measures to check the erosion of its power by these firms, says a report from Telegraph. Discovery is the television arm of John Malone’s media and telecom group.

Discovery CEO David Zaslav’s total comp package last year was worth more than $156 million, making him the best-paid chief executive in America. Zaslav’s said broadcasters and producers must jointly resist the pressure imposed for their programs and shows by the technology giants who stand to benefit hugely from it.

Speaking at the Royal Television Society Conference in Cambridge, Zaslav said that in the absence of anti-trust laws “we’d all get together and say no, no, no, here’s how you’re going to offer it.” Explaining the reason for his approach, Zaslav said they are not biased or do not want to stick to the old model, but believe the content needs to be curated.

Read the entire story here.

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