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EST on Set Top Boxes Has Discovered New Audiences 04 November 2015


Decipher’s bi-annual media consumption report Mediabug has found out that half of those who have purchased a TV show or film through an EST (Electronic Sell Through) model on their STB (Set Top Box) are generally first timers with no previous video buying experience.

The report named ‘Mediabug Wave 7’ also added that 24 per cent of the UK online population have purchased a digital copy of a TV show or film through EST on online marketplaces like iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon Instant. But the new option a available of buying content through STBs is motivating more and newer customers now. Half of the 8% that has purchased content through EST are first-timers in UK.

The finding is a strong implication of the fact that there lies a huge untapped audience that is being systematically tapped in to by the STBs.

A general lack of awareness about EST comes from the fact that a very minor percentage of the population is actually skilled in the proper usage of streaming sticks and boxes. The entire need to buy a new streaming device to the home TV ecosystem has also not helped the cause of EST.

Right now, the STB led EST model is the best bet for VOD services to prosper in a limited tech food chain.


Source : Advanced Television

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