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Europeans are least likely to browse the internet while watching TV, Asians the most


TV viewers in Europe are the least likely to go online while watching TV, a new survey has claimed. This is in spite of Europe having seven of the top 10 countries in a table of territories with the highest level of internet penetration.

The Nielsen Screen Wars report, found that just 44% of European TV viewers agreed or strongly agreed that second or even third screen viewing had become an extension of their viewing experience.

This is the lowest percentage of respondents in the worldwide survey conducted by the consumer analyst company, and sees European viewers falling below the global average of 58%.

Viewers in the Asia-Pacific region were most likely to go online while watching TV, with 62% agreeing that second or third screens had become an important part of their TV consumption. North America was second, with 62% agreeing with the question, while 61% of respondents in Africa and the Middle East indicated they are likely to use second screen technology and multicast video on demand services. 60% of Latin American respondents also said yes to the question – 16% higher than those in Europe.

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