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Hollywood director talks rise of TV, fall of film 14 July 2015

TJ Scott


Hollywood TV and movie director T.J. Scott — best known for his popular on-screen works “Spartacus,” “Gotham” and “Orphan Black” — has made his way to Seoul to lend his expertise on the current and future state of the film and TV industries in the U.S.

Invited as part of the Korea Creative Content Agency’s “Content Insight” lecture series for the month of July, Scott, who is credited with taking part in more than 50 TV shows and movies over the past two decades, discussed his take on television shows outshining films in the future, referring to this current generation as the “golden age of television.”

With the advent of mega online video streaming sites, such as Netflix and Hulu, in the States, television shows are experiencing a never-before-seen revelation, completely changing the game in the international entertainment industry. Not only is streaming changing the game in audiences’ access to TV shows, according to Scott, the popular sites are drastically affecting the amount of television programming society consumes.

Similar to how Koreans are able to watch full episodes of their favorite shows online if they missed them on TV or who wish to rewatch older shows, the option of watching an entire series overnight — or “binge-watching” — has become a crucial aspect of everyday social life.

“Streaming television, streaming in the U.S. has changed in that people binge view,” Scott explained. “Part of what people talk about every day in the states are new TV series, so if you haven’t watched the new TV series, you can’t be part of the conversation. So everyone binge watches so that they are up-to-date on all the new shows … it’s just part of what we talk about now.”

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