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Internet STBs In 21% Of US Broadband Homes 21 August 2015

Internet Set Top Box

According to a new analysis from TDG, The In-Home CE and Home Networking Ecosystem, 2015, Internet set-top boxes (iSTBs) such as Apple TV and Roku are now present in 21 per cent of US broadband households, up from 13 per cent in early 2014 (an increase in penetration of 63 per cent in the last year).

“20 million US households now use an Internet set-top box to access video on demand streaming services,” notes Michael Greeson, Founder and Director of Research at TDG. “As Apple prepares to launch its new Internet set-top box, it does so knowing demand for such platforms have significant headroom, and will be driven by not only greenfield purchases, but multi-unit and replacement sales, as well.”

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