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Millennials Like linear On Weekdays, VOD On Weekends 06 October 2015

Millennials TV Viewing Study Arqiva


David Crawford of Arqiva revealed that, while the research confirmed that millennials do of course possess a significant taste for VOD services, there is a distinct difference between their viewing consumption patterns on weekends and weekdays.

On weekdays, live linear TV is probably the biggest component of content viewing, and mostly it’s on smart TVs. But on the weekend the viewing habits change dramatically. At the weekend, by far the most frequent type of content to watch is SVOD, with Netflix and Amazon being the most popular choice; and the second most frequent is miscellaneous online videos – like YouTube and a lot of short form stuff, such as gaming videos. [At weekends] watching live TV came in at a distant third choice.

Read the entire story here.

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